Friday, 14 August 2009

That was then...

H'Rus was lost.

After several further engagements, the Tyranid swarm overwhelmed the remaining defenders.

Even now, in spite of the intervening years, the battle reports were being reviewed and analysed.

At the last stand, bitter enemies had stood shoulder to shoulder with each other to stem the tide, and allow civilians to escape. Even long-term foe, Farseer Varshar, had joined the final battle against the Tyranids. The Eldar had held the right flank, whilst the rival Tau Saemu sept took the middle. The H'Rus Expeditionary Force had held the left flank - but all to no avail, as the Tyranids spewed forth more and ever more reinforcements, far beyond the expectations and belief of the defending commanders.

The planet H'Rus was gone, stripped of all bio-mass. A dead world.

But the name would live on within the H'Rus Expeditionary Force, a fitting tribute to the fallen, ensuring they would never be forgotten.

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