Monday, 16 March 2009

Field Report : March OrBat

Shas'O Tyrnax sat at his admin desk in the command tent and sighed quietly, Too few, too new.

In spite of two successful combat patrols, he knew the campaign was intensifying, stretching his meagre resources. The review of the HEF OrBat wasn't helping his darkening mood.

Troop: 2x Firewarrior squads; 2x Kroot allies
Transport: 1x Devilfish
Elite: 2x Stealth teams, 1x Crisis modular battlesuit
Fast: 2x pirhana
Heavy: 2x Broadside battlesuits, 1x Hammerhead (faulty railgun gyro-stabiliser)

He cursed silently. That Hammerhead is supposed to be the pinnacle of weapons engineering - yet it couldn't bounce a round off an barn - let alone hitting the door. They'd barely been able to salvage it after the last patrol. The crew were well trained he knew - they'd fought well and bravely in previous campaigns.

Must be something about this planet. He knew this was not likely the truth - that was far more unpleasant. The Eldar are aware of us and planning accordingly.

Then he spied a file that lightened the mood in the command tent "Requisition Update".

Req. Approvals
1x Devilfish + pathfinder enhancements
1x Pathfindder squad (rail-rifle and carbines)
1x Sniper drone squad
1x replacement Commander suit + upgrades
Armaments & ammo
Engineering & spares
Vehicle primer, paint & camouflage nets

Req. Deferral, awaiting supplies
Battle fatigues - Firewarrior
Battle fatigues - Pathfinder

He smiled. I wish they'd send some engineers to fit out and paint the vehicles. Still - at least the Firewarriors will have something to do off duty...

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