Saturday, 14 March 2009

The future takes shape...

Shas'O Tyrnax addressed the loosley filed ranks of his Fire Warriors

La'Rua One and Two - Listen up!!!

We know the Eldar are here. In spite of our victories so far, we must assume survivors and thus they are aware of our presence. Our advance patrols have indicated wreckage from Tyranid and human Imperial Guard forces. These we know to be enemies. Kill on sight.

More interestingly, our advance Pathfinder units have detected Tau communications. These are not of our Sept.

We do not know yet their intentions. They may be future allies... but they could also be enemies. Until we know more, if you encounter them, treat them with respect. Ignore them if possible, support them if needed, defend yourselves if required.

Our business on this planet is two-fold. Firstly, to secure a base for us. Continued deployments have stretched our supply lines and we need a forward operations base. Reinforcements will arrive in time - until then, we must waste nothing.

Secondly - we know that a Tyrannid incursion is expected. Our intelligence to date suggests that H'Rus is being corrupted already, to act as a staging post for further expansion. For the sake of all Tau in this sector, it must be stopped.

Your orders are simple: Take the ground, secure the ground, defend the ground.

Any questions? No? Reconnaissance and combat patrols begin at dusk.


As Tyrnax turned from his troops, he hoped his they would be up to the tasks ahead. He'd taken all the available recruits, veterans and depleted units he could find to build up the expeditionary force.

With a wry smile, he remembered that he still had outstanding requisitions for field kit. Some of his new "troops" were still in training cadre grey.

Well, he thought to himself, they would at least be bloodied soon. All too soon...

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